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Nomad Crystals

Crystals and Their Benefits


Crystals have always been sought after from witches to ancient Egyptian pharos to people present day. Their healing and positive amenities are held in high regard both aesthetically and energetically. If you find yourself picking one up and not being able to put it down that means it fits perfectly with your needs and desires at that time. There are many different types of crystals but here is a quick rundown on the crystals we carry at nomad.

  1. Moonstone: Best for boosting fertility of plants and women, eases menstrual/ menopause symptoms and helps calm emotions. Looks translucent white, dusky pink, grey, yellow and sometimes blue all displaying a pearly opalescence. Moonstone is thought to carry the intuitive and feminine powers of our lunar guide and links us into natures cycles. Helps women with PMS and menopause, for men it helps them tune into their feminine side and balance aggression.
  2. Selenite: Selenite is best for deep connection to higher realms, improving telepathy and psychic insight. It looks pure white or translucent and grows naturally in wands. Selenite is named after the Greek Moon Goddess Selene, it represents tranquility, blessings and heavenly light. A true stone for females it boosts libido, fertility and fidelity.
  3. Sodalite: Enhances your communication, gives you a boost of strength and gives you the power to speak your truth clearly and confidently. Usually blue to blue- violet in colour and often has white veining which causes it to be confused with lapis lazuli quite often. Sodalite can help ease panic attacks and bring emotional balance to your life. It can even help your immune system by overcoming calcium deficiencies and boosting your metabolism.
  4. Tigers Eye: Brings luck and bravery in new ventures, creative flow and the willpower to stick with changes. It looks brown and golden with silky stripes almost in a ‘cat’s eye’ effect. Helps transform pure energy into practical reality and tangible success, it can also help you get a new fresh perspective. Also said to reduce cravings and feelings of inadequacy.
  5. Amethyst: Helps develop your spirituality, deepens mediation and enhances creativity. Pale lavender to deep purple quartz, sometimes opaque and sometimes translucent with white or clear streaks. Stills the mind of mental chatter, calms anxiety and inspires a deeper meditative state. A soothing stone especially for children it can help relieve insomnia and curb nightmares. Also helps bring your emotions back to balance after getting upset.
  6. Clear Quartz: Best for amplifying energy, raising your vibration, enhancing intuition and psychic ability. As the name suggests it is a clear crystal that shimmers in the light. Clear quartz are known as the “master healers”, sleeping next to clear quartz will help you drift into a deep sleep full of memorable and meaningful dreams. It is also used in a lot of different technology like watches and radios.
  7. Amazonite: Best for soothing and communicating emotions rationally, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and it also blocks radiation from microwaves. Looks blue- green or turquoise opaque, sometimes green with white lines. Amazonite has been used for healing and good fortune for centuries, it helps you bravely communicate what is true for you and know and state your boundaries clearly. Used often it will help bring the masculine and feminine sides of your personality into balance.
  8. Rose Quartz: Helps you with manifesting unconditional love, romance and healing. Quartz with a pink hue from traces of titanium, iron or manganese. Known as the ‘love stone’ it’s said to have spread love, warmth and passion by legendary love god Cupid. Should bring peace and calmness to relationships and help ease fear, resentment and anxiety.

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